Category Management

Our proprietary analytical tools, software and category expertise make PinnPointe the leader in uncovering emerging trends and building the blueprints necessary for responsible Category Management.

We recognize and respect the value and responsibility bestowed upon the manufacturer when chosen by a retailer to manage a category. Responsible Category Management strengthens your credibility with retailers and serves as a significant point of difference for your brand.

Business Planning Metrics

  1. Category Definition
  2. Category Role
  3. Category Assessment
  4. Category Scorecard
  1. Category Strategies
  2. Category Tactics
  3. Plan Implementation
  4. Category Review

Analytical Tools Available through CCM™ and PCM™

Database Assimilation

Consumer Assessment

Sales Assessment

  • Create and Host Data Warehouse
  • Metrics collaboration created for statistical measurement and monitored on an ongoing basis
  • Utilize OLAP tools for data mining
  • Identify, filter and categorize items to link common data
  • Automate data updates to allow for efficient modification
  • Consumer Trend Analysis
  • Generation of Consumer Decision Tree
  • Buyer Conversion Analysis
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Opportunities by Ethnicity
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Focus Group Studies
  • SKU Rationalization
  • Opportunity Gap Analysis
  • Seasonality Analysis
  • Promotional Lift Analysis
  • Price Elasticity Models
  • Syndicated Data Analysis
  • Retailer Scan Data and Syndicated Data Analysis
  • Distribution Void Analysis
  • Build, tabulate and analyze statistically significant retail audits
  • New Item Analysis