Changing Business Model

Retail Grocery is undergoing massive changes as the entire food industry transcends from a retail driven environment to a consumer driven environment. The manufacturer must leverage their ability to capture, mine and analyze data quickly to capitalize on this emerging trend.

Indications of a Changing Model:

  • Retailers are consolidating
  • Businesses are sourcing globally
  • Category items are proliferating
  • Consumers are better educated


Inherent in this model is the need to:

  • Create value from the consumer’s perspective
  • Identify category development strategies
  • Implement advanced retailer partnerships

Each step towards an integrated category development process takes you closer to two sources of competitive advantage; the ability to quickly learn more about consumers and the ability to immediately turn that learning into action.

Automating the category development process to generate real-time learning will be a critical point of difference: Ask us how…